“Time is one of the most valuable things we have.”

.. and I sell time! Time to perform tasks that help your business grow online.

You set a maximum commitment of time and I subtract time from your account as I work. The process repeats as long as you are happy with the results and time remains. I use technology and tools to help communicate and execute on any need; all services. This includes website strategy, user interface design, user experience design, digital marketing, technical SEO, local SEO, web development, database management, process architecture, website project management. and any other digital effort I am proficient in.

I become aligned with your business needs and work toward what we define as your business objectives. With me by your side, your project gains additional brainpower and experience. I plan, I track, I follow through and report. I find voids and I fill them. I act as a thin layer that manages and accounts for the efforts of others, and when required I can also be relied upon to perform the work.