Digital Marketing Optimization


I work on your new or existing Google Ads account. Optimizing campaigns, integrating, editing bids, editing ads, and anything else that maximizes your ROI.

Who is this for: Anyone who owns a website or app, and wants to drive paid traffic to it.

Deliverable: Work done on your account(s), with time reports showing for how long I worked on each task.

Time Allocation: 480 minutes. Time does not expire, ask me for a hundred small requests or several larger requests. No limits. Or let me find areas to work on, then start working on it and showing you results along the way.

Turn Around Time: Most requests can be satisfied within a few days, rush requests are okay too (if you need something right away just let me know). I work until your time is exhausted, so this can be as soon as a few days, or as long as a year or more -really up to your needs and requests over time.

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Digital Marketing Optimization



Digital Marketing Effort, or Pay Per Click campaigns often start with Google Ads and stays with Google Ads. Yes, I can work on social ads (facebook/twitter) or linked-in ads, but my preference and where I see the most success for businesses, is with Google Ads.

I am a certified Google Partner and can launch a new account with 1 or more new campaigns targeted to your desired keywords, or I can review and work on your existing account.


What sort of PPC work are you the best at: Google ads.

How much ad budget do I need to spend: 100% up to you, the question is not how much ad budget you want to spend, it is what sort of ROI do you need to make it worth your while to continue spending on ads. I help you grow ROI or we shut down the account. 

Who owns the ad account: Great question (and even if you did not have that question YOU SHOULD) you own the account. I always set accounts up in YOUR name. Please please please do not hire a marketing team who sets up your account in their name. Stay away from those types of teams, they will often keep your account when you leave them, and all the work they did for you will be theirs once you stop paying them. Trust me, HECK book a free call with me even if you don’t plan on using me, so I can help warn you of typical marketing firm tactics.