Search Engine Optimization


I run a technical audit on your site then address all important errors and warnings. As time permits I will also help address any issues with core web vitals.

Who is this for: Anyone who owns a website, or wants to own a website.

Deliverable: SEO work is vast, so it depends on the type of work your site needs. a Time report will show what was worked on.

Time Allocation: 480 minutes. Time does not expire, ask me for a hundred small requests or several larger requests. No limits. Or let me find areas to work on, then start working on it and showing you results along the way.

Turn Around Time: Most requests can be satisfied within a few days, rush requests are okay too (if you need something right away just let me know). I work until your time is exhausted, so this can be as soon as a few days, or as long as a year or more -really up to your needs and requests over time.

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Search Engine Optimization

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SEO effort often starts with an initial SEO audit, whereby a tool crawls your site and enumerates all the “issues” it thinks you should review and fix. I address the important ones in the audit and run the audit again showing the increased “score” and reduced “issues/errors”.

But SEO work should not just focus on these tools. SEO work can be a little UI or UX fix, or changes to the way the site is structured, or integrations with new or existing systems.


What sort of SEO do you do: Mostly technical SEO, one page work and integrations with services such as google analytics, tag manager and search console.

Can you get my site on page 1: Thats a loaded question, and no one should tell you yes without first learning about your sector and goals. Book a call to talk to me. 

Can you check the previous SEO work done on my site: Yes, you can leverage me to help “verify” previously conducted SEO work was done or done to a high standard.