User Experience Audit


I review your website or app for best practices around user experience and user interface design and write up a written report with suggested edits.

Who is this for: Anyone who owns a website, web app, or mobile app and wants professional input on ways to enhance it for a better user experience.

Deliverable: 20-30 page PDF document with screenshots and notes, along with suggested edits and examples. Notes will not only show ways to improve but WHY each suggestion was made.

Time Allocation: 480 minutes over 7 days

Turn Around Time: typically 7 days.

See below for more details

User Experience Audit



Mobile responsive, white space usage, button layout, font choice, overuse of an anti-pattern, wasted repetition, validation, form fields, onboarding… Your website or app needs to reduce friction, increase user happiness, and meet your business goals – but that’s not always easy to balance.

UX standards help address most Common issues in sites and apps, and can help take your app or site from good to great User Experience (UX). 



What is User Experience: the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or a mobile application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

Do I even need this? Very few online and mobile experiences are perfect, but some are closer to perfect than others, if this is you, then you might not need this service or it might not have the same value as it does for others. If you want me to take a quick look, book a free discovery call.

Can you show me an example audit? I do not post example audits, no. But on our meeting, if you book a discovery call, I will not only show you example audits but also quickly review your app or website and give you immediate feedback I am confident you will find valuable.

Will the audit address all potential issues? I will do my best to cover as much as I can, but the size of your app or site will impact how much I can cover in the allocated time. Since I will always try and prioritize suggestions based on maximum positive impact for your users, you can be assured that even if I can not cover your entire app/site, I will focus on the high value suggestions first.

Who benefits the most from this? If your app or site was developed by a junior team or low hourly rate outsourced effort, chances are have a subpar user interface and user experience, and would benefit the most.