I become available to create a quick new site for you, or if you have an existing site I can make changes to it as you send me your change requests over time.

Who is this for: Anyone who owns a website, or wants to own a website.

Deliverable: Any request you have, for website work – I will get it done as fast as I can, and simply subtract from the time in your account.

Time Allocation: 480 minutes. Time does not expire, ask me for a hundred small requests or several larger requests. No limits.

Turn Around Time: Most requests can be satisfied within a few days, rush requests are okay too (if you need something right away just let me know). I work until your time is exhausted, so this can be as soon as a few days, or as long as a year or more -really up to your needs and requests over time.

See below for more details


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If you need website work on your existing site over time, or if you need a new site quickly, this effort my be ideal for you.


What type of sites do you work on: I can work on nearly any site, all websites are HTML/CSS/Javascript. If you have a programing language or backend, I can work on most of them no problem. Over the last couple of years, the types of stacks I have spent the most time on are: React, Vue, Laravel, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Nextjs, 11ty and headlesss via APIs.

Can you fix my site: depends on what is wrong with it, but yes – I update and address issues on all types of websites, all the time. I can do a lot more than fix though too. and that is what this service is for. Anything and everything you need, you ask, and I do it. As long as there is time in the account, I can address your requests. for website work.

Will you create me a new site: Yes. You can use this allocation of time for me to create a new site, from the domain purchase, to the dns edits, to the design, and the development – I can often get a new basic site up and live within 7-10 days.