Time Reports For Consulting & Management

THINK: After a review of the challenges I assess how best to leverage technology to help reach your business goals. When I think on behalf of your interests I start a timer. When I stop thinking on behalf of your interests I stop the timer.

ACT: Thought without action has no impact so throughout the month I will take action on behalf of your goals. When I act on behalf of your goals I start a timer. When I stop acting on behalf of your goals I stop the timer.

REPORT: I evaluate and analyze all effort. You are informed of the progress using various reporting tools. When I report on behalf of your interests I start a timer. When I stop reporting on behalf of your interests I stop the timer.

Brain Power By the Hour with per minute Accounting

Every minute of effort accounting for in the time reports.

When you put time on the clock I can be leveraged to help with websites, marketing, seo, people, processes, systems…


“I get a thrill out of finding the right technologies to help people perform tasks using systems that cut costs and help clients stay flexible”

More About My Time Reports

Clients put me on a retainer and request services as needed or let me find areas for improvement on my own.  Time Reports are a critical aspect of our early relationship, as they help build trust and provide insight into where assets are being allocated. At all times, and for all durations time is: tracked, reported, and billed with integrity.


For new relationships, the time reports help to establish trust. As the relationship grows, trust and integrity become less of a concern and reports become little more than a record of effort.


Every second of time is noted on the time report. Thinking, acting, reporting, communicating…  all be accounted for and noted. See below for an example.


Some months will require more effort than others when time goes unused for a month it rolls over into your account. You never loose time.

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If we both feel good after that, put time on the clock so we can work together. That simple.