As a process architect, I can be relied upon for defining, redesigning, and optimizing activities in a process or group of processes. I help make sure your systems and people have a fine-tuned map of effort to rely upon for consistent results.

Process Architecture is being introduced as a separate service because recent experiences performing this task for existing clients had a positive impact.

When clients put time on the clock, they can use me as a process architect and gain ongoing access to review and optimize activities.

  • Streamline Internal EffortI help your team define and carry out steps to success online and digitally.
  • Mentor and instruct I mentor and instruct on the processes to ensure each step is understood.

What’s the Deliverable For Process Architecture?

A PDF document depicting the architecture is the deliverable.

  • Need to make sure your team is handling leads in a systematic way. I'll help define the process.
  • Want to ensure your content writers use best practices for SEO when they write and publish their content. I'll help set the standards.
  • Need to setup a marketing funnel and want to make sure the details of the funnel are througly defined and configured correctly so you have maximum gain from your ad spend. Let's do it!