Frequently asked questions

Where do you work from?

I am a remote worker, I work from my office. Currently in Miami Florida. I spend about 90% of my time working remotely. For larger projects, or at key points in the project lifecycle, I can allocate time and schedule in office meetings.

How many clients can you take on?

Clients allocate between 1-8 slots per month, I have 100 slots available each month. As of 2019 Quarter 1 i have 22 slots open in the coming months.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Everyday a similar routine, whereby the first half of the day is mostly strategy and the second half mostly management. Different tasks and priories each day, based on project timelines and needs. Sometimes there is an emergency that requires my attention, often its just follow through on effort on schedule. Remote meetings, phone calls.

I often do find myself performing tasks such as

  1. Writing Emails
  2. Participating in a Meeting
  3. Having a phone call with a client or member of their staff
  4. Checking on Google Adwords
  5. Learning a new skill
  6. Adding a tracking code to a website
  7. Writing Code or talking to developers about their progress
  8. Designing a new graphic or talking to designers about their progress
  9. Researching a new online tool for productivity
  10. Managing a codebase in a git repository
  11. Reviewing user session info for clues about user experience enhancements
  12. Editing domain/DNS Info on a registrar
  13. Paying bills
  14. Generating client reporting
  15. Reviewing Goals
  16. Testing Systems for uptime
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Why are your hours 11:00 am - 11:00 pm?

I like the number 1 and it’s easy to remember. Also:

  1. My most productive time of the day is after waking up. To avoid disruptions so I can produce for myself and my clients, I generally do not take calls or schedule meetings in the AM.
  2. Some actions, are best left for late night. Which means I am often up and working late, and by consequence, on some days I might need to be up late- so for maximum flexibly, I avoid early AM meetings so I can sleep in if I was up late the previous night.
  3. Not all clients are on the east coast.
Don't I need a full time version of you?

You might need 40 hours a week from someone, if so this service is not for you. Have an initial meeting with me, and I can help you figure out how much time you might need from someone like me, regardless if it’s me or not.

Why are some pages on this website locked or unfinished?

You’re perceptive! Yes, some pages are locked from public view, while others are being developed every few days to beff up content/information. If there is anything you want to know more about but can’t find, contact me and I will help.

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