Network Tools I use to check dns propagation status to check various network related values

Awesome opensource next.js repos

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What I Use

What I use PAAS Vercel Digital Ocean Google Cloud SAAS MacOS Software Chrome VS Code 1Password TablePlus Alfred Tower iPadOS Apps YouTube Chrome Reddit React Libraries Tremor – components to build dashboards WordPress Plugins Elementor Pro Google Sit Kit Updraft WordFence Table of Contents

Google Ads Tracking Template

Google Ads Basic Tracking Template I use this standard tracking template for Google Ads on most campaigns: {lpurl}?utm_source=google-ads&utm_campaign={_campaignname}&utm_agid={adgroupid}&utm_term={keyword}&creative={creative}&device={device}&placement={placement} NOTE: If you choose to use, please keep in mind, this tracking template uses a custom parameter for campaignname set in as _campaignname