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The Friends, Coworkers & Vetted Oursourced effort of Christopher Ubaldo Borgia.


Web services and digital systems for B2B, B2C and Nonprofits.

Techtegrity Ecosystem of Services

  • Borgia & Company

    Project Management

    Ongoing digital and web project management, with coordination of effort and a single point of contact. Time Based Service.

  • Poshtone

    Web Services for Small Businesses

    Web design, digital marketing and SEO for bootstrapped startups and small business looking to maximize their budget. Leverages quality themes and frameworks to bring modern design with minimum fuss. Project Based Service.

  • Invite Only Rifyne Agency Logo


    Full Stack Web Agency

    No compromise design and development agency using the latest in modern frontend and backend technologies.

  • Invite Only Image


    Value Driven Search Engine Targeting

    Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Content development - all with the aim of proving value to your end users. Combine quality web user experience with valuable content and you will win on search.

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    Made In America

    Database of Products Made in America
  • Early Alpha Image

    Tackle Tasks and Time Like a Boss

  • Early Alpha Image

    Client Salt

    Client Management System
  • In Development Image

    Solid Server Systems

    Lynix Based System Administration
  • Military Savings

    Military Savings for Veterans

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    Non Profit

    Low Income Family Technology Tutor for Teens is a nonprofit helping disadvantaged teens learn technology skills with one on one mentoring from technology professionals.

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