Chris Borgia

Freelance Digital Strategist

Punch above your weight online without committing to a large monthly retainer. Keep me around long term for consistency and continuity.

Constant: As your project priorities shift, you might allocate resources to hire a designer, developer, SEO agency, or marketing firm. Those teams tend to come and go. When they leave, it’s helpful to have a consistent low cost monthly person like me around to help retain the value they provided. When you retain me, I become your constant. Someone with situational awareness across all effort and over long periods of time.

Flexible: As your project evolves, you might be faced with unanticipated challenges. A multidisciplinary like me can help you address challenges quickly. I have over 20 years of experience, across a wide range of disciplines, as both a practitioner and manager. This means I can manage others and hold them accountable for their work. Or, I can perform the work myself. When you retain me, I become your flexible multidisciplinary to help ensure the project stays forward-moving, within budget, and on track.

Who is Chris Borgia

I have been helping businesses, governments, and individuals leverage technology and the web since 1998. With first-hand professional experience in a wide range of disciplines, including Development, Design, Marketing, SEO, System Integration, Server Administration, Online Security, Content Development, Internet Protocol, Relational Databases, User Interface, User Experience, and Project Management.

In 2015 I obtained a Masters Degree in Management Information Systems with a focus on Website Management.

I combine an intimate understanding of full-stack web technology with business acumen, stellar communication, rock-solid reliability, and unwavering integrity.

In Short: I am a single source of freelance talent that can address a wide range of needs, accounted for with time reports down to the second.

Chris Borgia - Technology Consultant