Maximize ROI and punch above your weight online.

I work by the minute and help across a wide range of needs: Development, Design, Marketing, SEO, Strategy, Integrations. If you love the results, keep me around long term to gain continuity.

Chris Borgia

Freelance Digital Strategist


As your project evolves we might need to hire a designer, developer, SEO agency, or marketing firm, but those teams tend to come and go. It’s useful to have constant. I help retain value without breaking the bank.


As your project grows you might be faced with unanticipated challenges. An experienced multidisciplinary like me can help you address challenges quickly. I can act as a practitioner or a manager. Saving you time.


As your budget shifts, you might be in a position to allocate a lot more or a lot less towards the various digital effort. I help pick systems and processes that maximize return on investment and minimize losses. Saving you money.


Yes. I launch new websites often. I can help you define the scope of work and figure out the best technology stack to use. If all you need is a simple site, I can knock it out real quick for you. For more advanced sites, we would find and hire a team or if it saves you money, my team would do it.

Yes. I can help refine ideas, then scope the work, and can help solicit developers to bid. Having a requirements document ahead of asking others to give you pricing will save you time and money, and help ensure there are minimal surprises.

No, but maybe yes. Let me explain: I recommend keeping your existing team at least at first. Part of the value I offer is to help ensure you’re getting a good service at a fair price from any provider. If you have a team doing development, design, SEO, or Marketing – it’s often best to keep them around. Then, as I get to see what work they are doing for you, I will make recommendations on how you can best maximize value.

On our call, we talk specifically about your needs, but in general, you can tiptoe into a relationship with me allocating 60 minutes at a time, or you can allocate up to 8 hours a month. Most clients end up starting with 4-8 hours, and then we handle a bunch of little tasks month one and two, then drop to 1-4 hours a month.

No, once we have a relationship, I’ll be here to help now and in the future. No ongoing commitment is needed. I have clients that have been with me for 10+ years straight, month after month. I also have clients who have been with 10+ years and skip months or even years in between needing me. I am driven by a primary goal of delivering you value. If I keep providing you value each month, keep me around. If I can’t squeeze any more value out, pause me. It’s not hard. There are no contracts you sign, I sign an NDA and Statement of work for you, and we start working. Then stop whenever you want.