Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

I bridge the gap between your online goals and the technology and processes used to reach those goals.

For many clients, I serve as a thin layer of management for online effort. Together, we might hire a developer, a designer, an SEO agency or a marketing firm, but those teams tend to come and go. It’s useful to have a constant. Someone with situational awareness across all efforts, over longer periods of time that does not break the bank. I can be that constant.

I consult for higher-level strategy needs. Among other requests, clients might ask for help making sure resources are allocated for maximum gain or that selected technology systems are best suited for their needs or for help findig areas worth improving.

Use my flex minutes whenever and however you need. Any and all needs I am here to help. Keep me around long term, or pause me. Always a pro. Always reliable. No issue or request I can’t help with.

Who Is it For?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups who leverage the internet to meet goals. If you need a web presence or have a web presence; If you sell things online or need  SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Design or Development.

What Is this?

A single person you can rely on over the short term or long term. Someone to be available to you, for any need or request regarding your online goals. A professional with 20+ years experience who’s billings don’t break the bank.

Internet Technology Consulting & Management By Chris Borgia





Trust the people you work can be relied upon to add value.



Be assured when you have someone like me to maintain site availability, manage practitioner effort and launch new initiatives as your Webmaster.



Set goals, track effort, and report on progress; it's what I do.



Review resource allocations and find savings; it's what I do.


I have been helping businesses, governments, and individuals leverage technology and the web since 1998. In that time I have gained first-hand professional experience in a full range of disciplines, including Development, Design, Marketing, SEO, System Integration, Server Administration, Online Security, Content Development, Internet Protocol, Relational Databases, User Interface, User Experience, Project Management, and More.

In 2015 I obtained a Masters Degree in Management Information Systems with a focus on Website Management.

I combine an intimate understanding of full-stack web technology with business acumen, stellar communication, rock-solid reliability, and unwavering integrity.

In Short: I am a single source of hireable freelance talent that can address a wide range of needs, saving you from having to hire 5 or more different types of professionals.

Chris Borgia - Happy Smile Professional Man - Borgiaco Information Technology Consulting and Management

Goal Driven

Every action, task, and report is conducted in the context of your business goals.
I remain focused on your needs.

Always Learning

Technology evolves quickly, you want to hire talent that is commited to learning.
I challenge myself every week to stay current with new technology and skills.

Easy to Talk to

What’s the point of having people around who know things if they can’t communicate.
I speak the language of computers and humans.
  • 100% transparent with per minute accounting in time reports.
  • Ongoing continuity documents updated as needed to help ensure I am easily replaceable.
  • Start with a few hours to test the waters. Increase, reduce or cancel at any time.
  • All effort is conducted on your owned accounts


Most website owners will tell you they have “a guy”. A guy they turn to for any online effort. No outrageous fees, no surprises; a consistent partner to help set expectations & deliver. I’m that guy.

As a nonprofit with a limited budget, Chris has been a valuable asset with technology and the internet. He helps us online and with email, and is always reliable. A good communicator and a great addition to our internal staff. It's nice to have someone to turn to for help with the more difficult stuff.
Chris is reliable and always there for us when we need him which is great for our business -- seems like every year we keep coming back for him to help our teams. Must be 6 plus years so far. highly recommended He's help us save money, make our sites faster, fix issues with new sites, setup reporting fo r marketing - probably a lot more. just everything. thank you Chris.
Bemka Caviar
Bemka Caviar
15:49 10 Aug 19
We know our websites are in good hands with of Chris Borgia and his team at Techtegrity - recommended, good business ethic, good people, great results.
Accept R
Accept R
02:00 24 Feb 19
Thank you. For all that you do to help with the online effort.
Pamela Del Hierro
Pamela Del Hierro
22:44 14 Feb 19
Reliable and good. really good. if you need consulting for web projects and or digital effort in general, Chris is an awesome resource to have on your team.
Funnel Web
Funnel Web
23:33 29 Nov 18
Chris is highly professional and my go-to source for building any website and SEO. He's not just a builder, he's an adviser. Chris has been both reliable and timely in completing any job. I highly recommend him and his team!
Farva Jafri
Farva Jafri
14:26 15 Nov 18
Chris Borgia is awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome. "ROCKSTAR" web, Digital, marketing...NUFF SAID.
19:42 31 Oct 18
We had a crazy idea to completely overhaul our PTA website with only about 10 weeks before school started. Chris put our worries at ease and helped us every step of the way. We were up and running before school started and he made the whole process super efficient and seamless. We highly recommend his team!
Julie Camunas
Julie Camunas
00:49 19 Sep 18
With Chris's help we fixed many issues with our website, seo and ads. It has been 2 years now, and each week/month he is there to help. It's refreshing to not have to hear the word "no" or "we cant". Chris can!
Smart Cover
Smart Cover
18:56 18 Sep 18
Thank you Mr Borgia. Very few can come close to how dependable and trustworthy you are thats rare in Miami or New York. When it comes to technology or the web.. or just brainstorming -it is reassuring that we can reach out to you.
Luna G
Luna G
08:41 14 Sep 18
Thank you for donating your time and helping us Chris
Lotus House
Lotus House
20:18 03 Sep 18
There is nothing more important to me than my clients and my business. I solely trust my business function to Borgiaco. There is no one more knowledgeable and dedicated to my personal and business success as Chris Borgia. From consulting to full project management he just gets the job done so I can get the job done! A blessing to find a reliable expert and true professional!
00:35 31 Aug 18
I've worked with quite a few professionals in the web space. There's only one that I feel safe recommending to my clients. Having worked to completion on multiple projects with Chris, I can honestly say Borgia & Co. is the first call I make on a challenging new venture.
Aaron Rentfrew
Aaron Rentfrew
03:14 17 Aug 18


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