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As your project evolves you might need to hire a designer, developer, SEO agency, or marketing firm, but those teams tend to come and go. It's useful to have constant. I can be that constant.

years in business


As your project progresses, unanticipated challenges arise. A multidisciplinary like me can help you address challenges quickly. Unlike most freelancers, I can address nearly any challenge.

years experience


As your budget shifts, you might need to allocate more or less towards various digital efforts. You can rely on me to help select systems and processes that maximize return on investment.

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Updated: June 2021


I have first-hand professional experience with many modern technologies. A sample from recent effort:

Tools + Systems

Recent tools I’ve used to help clients:

Updated: June 2021

Operating Systems

I am comfortable in all operating systems:

Updated: May 2021

Education + Certs

Along with the 20+ years experience, I also have a masters degree in management information system and a few certs: