Maximize ROI and punch above your weight online.
I work by the minute and help across a wide range of needs.

If you love the results, keep me around long term to gain consistency and continuity.

Chris Borgia

Freelance Digital Strategist


As project needs evolve you might hire a designer, developer, SEO agency, or marketing firm, but those teams tend to come and go. It’s useful to have constant. Someone who can help retain value. I can be your constant.


As your project grows you might be faced with unanticipated challenges. An experienced multidisciplinary like me can help you address challenges quickly. I can act as a practitioner or manager, saving you time and money.


As your budget and priorities shift, you might be in a position to allocate a lot more or a lot less towards various needs. I can help you pick systems and processes that maximize the positive impact of that spending.