How I Help

Unlike others who charge you a minimum 1 hour for anything you ask for, I bill for only the time it takes to complete a task. I become a thin layer you can rely on across a wide range of business needs, small or large. Including, but not limited to: websites, integrations, SEO, marketing, development, design, email, hosting, security, and more.

You can ask for help at a high level with a meeting, all the way down to the 1-minute quick task that needs to get ASAP.

You can ask me to help on specific task or trust me to find and enhance as I see areas of opportunity.

With time in your account, I become available to help across a wide range of efforts, from planning and strategy to user interface and user experience design, to digital marketing and SEO. As I work, I subtract minutes from your account. The process repeats as long as you are happy with the results.