Practice Areas: User Experience Design

User Experience Design

First Professional Experience: 2016
Most Recent Skill Expansion: 2023
Recent Focus: Trust Signals and Load time

Over the last 5 years, I’ve started to focus my efforts and understanding of quality UX. Without a great User Experience, the impact of your SEO, PPC, or Design will fall short.

A User Experience (UX) designer is responsible for creating intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly digital products, such as websites and mobile apps. We use a combination of research, design thinking, and testing methods to understand the needs and goals of users and then design interfaces that meet those needs and make the products easy to use.

A UX designer’s work often includes creating wireframes; user flows, prototyping, and collaborating with developers and other stakeholders to ensure the final product meets the needs of users and the business’s goals.

I can be relied upon to help manage or conduct your User Experience Design needs.  This includes troubleshooting user-facing incidents, uncovering performance issues, and addressing friction in the funnel.