Chris Borgia - Technology Consultant

Please use the existing client meeting scheduler.

  • We meet at the time and date you choose
  • You tell me about your project and goals.
  • If I think I can help directly, I will let you know and you can decide what you want to do after our call.
  • If I can’t directly help you, I will try and point you in the right direction. 

A google meet link will be sent to you, you can use it to call in for a voice meeting, or use your web cam to have a video meeting.

Schedule Our Discovery Call

Human contact? From an online professional… YES!

While I love technology as much as the next “tech guy”, in my experience, if someone is not willing to pick up the phone, it’s doubtful they’ll be committed enough to get work done with me. Let’s skip the back and forth emailing and jump on a call: