I segment my working hours into small bursts of effort to address the ongoing and on-demand needs of clients. I find and fill voids in online effort, I manage and maintain websites, I drive traffic with marketing, I refine the user experience, I grow audiences.

When you buy time Using a flexible and fair time reporting systems – Throughout the month I use my time to help find areas of opportunity for you, then I help deliver on them. Steady ongoing progress its how online grow is done. When you buy time I help with any and all digital need. Flexible and fair.  This is my signature service and the most popular. Add time to your account and I can be leveraged as needed or on demand, for website strategy, user interface design, user experience design, digital marketing, technical SEO, local SEO, web development, database management, process architecture, and website project management. As I work, I subtract minutes from your account. The process repeats as long as you are happy with the results and time remains in your account. Price starts at $165 a month or a block of 300 minutes for $825.

When you buy a report I provide you actionable insight within 72 hours. You can take the report to your team for review and implementation, or you can ask me to help implement. Price for any Custom feedback Reports is $495.

When you buy a website package I help manage the buildout and launch of your new website. Packages price points are $3K, $10K,  $20K or $30K.


02. UI/UX

Based on your industry, I help deliver a user experience and user interface that converts.



Based on your sites functional needs, I help make sure the codebase is high quality, modular, testable.



Based on your business needs, I help provide solutions and define goals.



If traffic is needed, I help drive it through organic means or pay per click.

Powerful Combination fo Value and Experience in Website Mangement

At my core, I am a problem solver with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Add 22 years of technological and managerial experience and make it available via freelance effort, and you have a powerful combination of value, experience, and problem-solving available for hire.

The technology and services I often use to help my clients:

  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Web Development
  • System Administration
  • Git Version Control
  • Security
  • Name Servers & DNS
  • Analytics
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design
  • Networking
  • ERPs
  • Business Intelligence
  • Task Tracking
  • Content Development
  • APIs
  • Server Management
  • Databases
  • Collaborate on Ideas