Web Presence Manager

I’m a freelance website manager, who handles every need of your online assets. Customers no longer respond to legacy techniques for acquisition. It’s not enough to drive paid traffic, and hope to grow organically over time. Customers want to learn, trust, and communicate on their own terms. 

Any web presence I help manage maps content to the persona and accounts for the stage in which the buyer is in. 

As you web presence manager, I can be relied upon for quick change requests and broad situational awareness across all your online assets. Website, Social media, Email, CMS, SEO, Google… everything. A few minutes here, a few minutes there. Its efficient – and because my monthly minimum is only $150 a month, you can keep me around over extended periods of time which is great for continuity and peace of mind.

What’s the Deliverable For Website Management?

The deliverable of my webmaster service depends on the goals of your website and the time you allocate for the webmaster effort. The most valuable role I fulfill as your webmaster is that of long term caretaker. I become a consistent and reliable partner who manages the website at a fair and predictable price. I know the ins and outs of your site, I know who touched it last, I know its strengths and weaknesses. I deliver uptime maintenance, and successful launch of any new features you might want to add.