About Techtegrity

Website Management, Consulting & Development By Chris Borgia

Chris Borgia started his professional experience with technology and the web in 1999.

Techtegrity was officially formed as a sole proprietorship in 2011 and later turned into an LLC.

Being productive with technology and people is my passion. From consulting and management – to design, development, marketing, and search, if you’re looking to partner with trustworthy and experienced talent who can drive good ideas forward please reach out.

The word Techtegrity is a portmanteau, combining ‘tech’ from technology, and ‘tegrity‘ from integrity. Pronounced: /tek ˈteɡrədē/

Rocking Technology and the Web for how long now?


    Chris Borgia got his professional start in 1999 building a static HTML and CSS for his employer at the time.


    Officially Registered as a Business Entity