Social Icons Look Great!

For many, a sense of trust is perceived when they see these

I do not currently maintain an active Social Media Presence. I have no need to or desire to at this time. This might change in the future. For now business is good without requiring this commitment. That said, I do understand the value in leveraging social media platforms, especially for my clients, who use social accounts to grow an audience.

Social Media is a great way to tell your customers, “hey, buy from me, and if you’re not happy you have a third party outlet to vent your feelings… Your voice will be heard, not lost”.

The more trust signals you have, the less friction your customers will face when looking to conduct a transaction with you. Low friction is good.

So again, all for social. Just not for me, right now.

If you’re looking for trust signals from me, look at my google reviews, or trust the person who referred you to me.