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I can consult on project management, process optimization, SEO, marketing, content development, user interface, user experience, email systems, network system, security, web development and any other practice area I have experience in.

What’s the Deliverable For a Website Consultant?

Input, suggestions, and guidance is often the only deliverable with consulting. Sometimes a written roadmap is provided. You can also request my participation in a meeting or group setting. You or your team asks questions, I help get answers. Email, Phone Call, text, Remote Meetings… If technology can positively impact the people, processes or system in your organization, you can turn to me for help.

If you’re looking for an increased edge in today’s competitive business landscape, a consultant and digital strategist like me can help your people, your processes and your systems leverage technology for maximized gains.


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If we're both interested in working together, we take it from there.
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